Monday, October 3, 2011


Emily Dickenson

"Heaven" -- is what I cannot reach!
The Apple on the Tree --
Provided it do hopeless -- hang --
That -- "Heaven" is -- to Me!

The Color, on the Cruising Cloud --
The interdicted Land --
Behind the Hill -- the House behind --
There -- Paradise -- is found!

Her teasing Purples -- Afternoons --
The credulous -- decoy --
Enamored -- of the Conjuror --
That spurned us -- Yesterday

This picture was taken last night at sunset and brought to mind this beautiful poem.


  1. Beautiful sunset, beuatiful poem. I've been more enamored with the sky this past year than ever before. I guess you'd understand the reasons why just as well as me. I'll email you a couple of pictures I was blessed enough to take about a month ago. Sometimes the inspiring moments just seem to sneak up on us.

  2. Hi Elle

    It was a very beautiful sunset. Wish you could have watched it with me. The sky does have a lot more meaning now as we both know.

    I can't wait to see the pictures. I hope you will let me use them on this blog.

  3. I'd be honored. And let's get together soon and watch some sunsets!

  4. I have always been an avid sky lover...most especially of sunsets! In fact, as a photographer, I have a whole collection of 'Sunset Silhouette' images. Twilight is my favorite time of day, followed by the 'witching hour'!

    But driving home from the hospital in the early morning, the day my Father passed away, was THE most glorious sunrise I've ever seen and it took on new meaning for me as well. However, in all honesty...I am a total night owl, so there are VERY few sunrises that I ever see...ha! Lovely photo and poem. :o)

  5. Wow, magnificent skies and colors and ripples....awe-inspiring and magical..there are many layers sitting ontop the sky it seems..beautiful and yes ..gorgeous poem to match!

  6. Hi Wendy

    I am happy that you had a gloriou sunset the morning your father passed away. His little way of saying 'I'm ok'.

    I wish i had a better camera, this picture was taken by my phone. The whole western sky was lit up like this.

  7. Hi Victoria

    The sky had ripples of purple and orange. It was so beautiful and yes, awe-inspiring.

  8. I love watching the sky! Sometimes, when I am painting, I find myself drifting and looking outside into the sky! Beautiful photo and beautiful poem. Blessings my friend ;o)

  9. Hi Magic Love Crow

    Thank you. The sky sure will distract us with it's beauty from time to time.