Thursday, February 9, 2012


~George William Russell~

In day from some titanic past it seems
As if a thread divine of memory runs;
Born ere the Mighty One began his dreams,
Or yet were stars and suns.
But here an iron will has fixed the bars;
Forgetfulness falls on earth's myriad races:
No image of the proud morning morning stars
Looks at us from their faces.
Yet yearning still to reach to those dim heights,
Each dream remembered is a burning-glass,
Where through to darkness from the Light of Lights
Its rays in splendour pass.

photo by Vivienne Moss

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My Early Morning Walks

My favorite thing to do before work is to go on my morning walk. As long as it is not raining I don't miss it. There are several places I like to walk. This trail is one of them. It used to be a railroad track. The community has turned it into a bike/walk trail.

I was surprised to see this yesterday when I was walking. Must have been some kids having some fun. I like that they have kept a few memento's from the old railway.

The beautiful sunrise yesterday morning. The warmed the day up to sixty degrees if you can believe it. It's January and people are wearing shorts here in Indiana. I'm sure we are going to pay for this.

I love this old barn. There are usually Turkey Buzzards flying in and out of the barn. It must have been too early for those big, beautiful birds.

A few pics of the stream that runs along the trail. The song of a running stream is one of my favorite sounds of Nature. If i listen hard enough I can understand Her Song.

When i quit smoking two years ago I gained a lot of weight. I went from a size 4 to a size 14. With these morning walks and cutting out cream and sugar in my coffee and giving up soda pops, I am now down to a size 6. It took me year to get there but I have done. if I don't lose that last size I'm okay with that. I am still not smoking and will never smoke again. I do not have the desire to do it. Cream and sugar and Cokes are another story. I swear those were harder to give up than the cigs. LOL

Thank you for joining me on my morning walk. Hope you all have a wonderfully blessed day!!