Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Book Review: A Deed Without A Name

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A Deed Without A Name: Unearthing the Legacy of Traditional Witchcraft by Lee Morgan is one of the best books on witchcraft that I have read in a long time. I could not put this book down and finished it within hours. This wonderful gem of a book is not about Wicca, it is about old world witchcraft. What some may call Sabbatical Witchcraft or Traditional Witchcraft. This is the witchcraft that Isobel Gowdie of witchcraft lore practiced.

Chapters like Marked as Other and Riding the Beast take you through the history of European witchcraft. Using excerpts from the witch trials Lee Morgan dissects the material to give her/his interpretation.

Scattered about the pages of this tome are exercises and example of ways to find your demon lover, ways to take witch flight, and how to discover your fetch beast. The sections on Calling to the Devil and A Rite of Necromancy are both very intriguing. One of my favorite chapters is The Bestiary. Many of the beasts listed are from the un-Seelie court.  The Appendix using planetary correspondences is very useful. I was very pleased to see the lists of "beasts" to use for each day of the week.

If you are looking for a book on Traditional Witchcraft that is not Wicca related, then this is the book  for you. It is for those who seek the "darker" side of the craft. I will be reading A Deed Without A Name many times.

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Happy Reading... Viv

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

News and a Poem

I have some wonderful news to share. I will be contributing an essay to an upcoming book on the Goddesses of the world. I have finished my essay and sent it to the publisher. I am so very excited about this. The goddess I wrote about is the Queen of Elphame. The working title for the book is Naming the Goddess by Moon Books Publishing to be published some time next year. I feel very honored to be included in this.

Here is a poem I wrote in honor of the Dark Queen/Queen of Elphame

Underworld Journey

Bound with ivy
Covered in moss
The Cave of the Ancients
Guards all that is Lost

The path winds downward
A labyrinth of  Death
The Dark Queen awaits
For those who are sent

On the Quest for Redemption
Through Rivers of Blood
They reach for Salvation
The Ones that we Love

The Thorns of White Roses
The Petals of Red
Entwined through eternity
Visions of Dread

The Queen of the Witches
Of Faery and Moon
Ask all who serve Her
For one little Boon

To speak the Truth
The tongue cannot lie
The Poets true Gift
Is never to Die

From the Underworld Queen
All seek true Freedom
To escape from the bonds
Of Personal Demons

The Dark Halls of Death
Hold all Life's Secrets
Unravel the Mystery
Let go of Regrets

That keep us from Destiny
The Paths that we Choose
Our Fate awaits
Those who will not Lose

Their way through the Labyrinth
Of Time and of Death
Freedom comes to us
As we draw our last Breath

Our Souls flow upwards
Through the Spirit of Life
The Cave of the Ancients
Guards all that is Right

Our new Life begins
As the Phoenix takes Flight
The Bards of Tomorrow
Inspirations Ignite

*Vivienne Moss*

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Book Review: Kitchen Witchcraft

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Kitchen Witchcraft by Rachel Patterson is a hands on guide to the magical side of witchcraft around the home. Full of ideas and recipes to spice up your home life, this easy to follow book is a gem and a must have for any kitchen or cottage witch. Rachel uses ingredients that you will sure to have in your kitchen cabinet.

In the book, there are chapters on the seasons and elements that will help you connect with the ever changing cycles of life. There are crafts and spells for just about everything. I especially love the Hot Foot Powder recipe. I have everything needed for it right at my fingertips.

There are no invocations or ritual magic in Kitchen Witchcraft. It is non-religious and full of practical magic. The spells and recipes are easy to adjust and Rachel gives plenty of correspondences from herbs, to colors and candle magic. Me being the odd number loving person that I am, will have to adjust a few of the spells calling for an even number of ingredients. I'm sure that will not be a problem.

I have a feeling I will be referring to Kitchen Witchcraft quite often. A big thumbs up to Rachel Patterson on this one!

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Happy reading... Viv

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Book Review: Journey to the Dark Goddess

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"The Ways of the Underworld are perfect"

In Journey to the Dark Goddess by Jane Mererdith, we are taken on an Underworld journey through the myth of the descent of Inanna to the Underworld kingdom of Her sister, Ereshkigal. Persephone and Psyche make an appearance as well. Aimed at women, Jane Meredith has woven the tales of the descents to work on our self-healing through  contact with the Dark Goddess.

Using rituals and creative exercises, she asks us to self-explore the dark moments of our lives. I especially like the mandala and the Gazing Into The Mirror exercises. Some of the rituals can take hours to complete, which can seem a little daunting for some. I love how Jane has added stories of her own descents to the underworld and the ascents back to the "real" world. 

My favorite part of the book, besides the awesome cover, is the down to earth style she uses. The rituals are easy to follow and the exercise, doable. I love the part four of the book, Coming Up From The Underworld. The section on Initiation by the Dark Goddess is by far my favorite. Snow White and the Evil Queen (step mother) are covered here along with a few other fairytales.

 I feel the book could have used a lighter tone in places. It has a very serious and heavy feel to it.  Laughter, to me, is the best medicine when coming back from a descent into the Underworld and I love when a book makes me laugh out loud. I catch myself looking around to see if anyone is looking. Aside from the serious tone, I was very pleased with Journey to the Dark Goddess. I can't wait to do some of the rituals on the  next dark moon.

 I  recommend this book for those who would like to seek the Dark Goddess in Her Underworld Kingdom. This is a wonderful book for self-healing and venturing within to find yourself. Journey to the Dark Goddess can be easy to adapt to any spiritual path.

Additional links for the book.

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Happy Reading...


Saturday, September 21, 2013

My Seasonal Altar

With each turn of the wheel through the seasons, I like to give my Avalonian Altar a make-over. I take things away and add new ones. Most baubles in my home have special and sacred meaning to them. My matron goddess is Morgan le Fae. She always has a special place on my altar. To me, Morgan le Fae is he ultimate sorceress and healer. She is Mama Death, Queen of the Dark Fae, and Witch Mother.

At the moment, I am writing a book  on Her and the way I honor and work magick with her. It is my hope to have it self-published my Samhain of next year. My wish is to show how I work with Morgan le Fae throughout the year.

Do you change your altar through the seasons? Do you have a deity or deities that are center stage on your altar? If you were to write a book, what, or who would it be about.

Have a blessed weekend, Viv

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

New Books to Review


I have recently received three books from Moon Books to be reviewed. First up will be Journey To The Dark Goddess by Jane Meredith. I am already more than half way through, so I will be reviewing this soon. Next will be Kitchen Witchcraft : Crafts of a Kitchen Witch by Rachel Patterson, then, A Deed Without A Name: Unearthing the Legacy of Traditional Witchcraft by Lee Morgan.

I am  looking forward to reading  and reviewing these three books and more in the future. I have many Pagan and Witchcraft related books in my personal library. If you are wanting a review of a certain book, I can see if I have that particular one to review for you.

What book are you currently reading? Are there any you are waiting to get your hands on?

Have a Magickal Day, Viv

Sunday, September 15, 2013

A Delightfully Delicious Day at the Apple Orchard

It's that time of year again. Apple orchards, pumpkin patches and parties!!! I love when the season turns to Fall. The crispness of the air and the smell of apple cider and pumpkin spice. They all get me in the mood to be outdoors and enjoy time with loved ones.

Just last weekend I had a wonderful time with my family. My girls and I, along with my sister and her husband and son, met at the local apple orchard. We browsed around the gift shop, played with the animals and rode a wagon for a tour of the orchard. The children were able to pick a few apples and we all learned what it takes to run an apple orchard. It's a lot of work and I was in awe of how many different types of apples there are. After the wagon ride the kids went back to play with the animals and the adults went to the orchard's restaurant to do a little apple wine and hard cider taste testing. I ended up buying the Jalapeño Hard Cider. It definitely had some bite to it!

Though we were only there for a couple hours, it felt good to get out of the house and spend an afternoon with my fun loving family. I forgot my camera but thankfully my sisters is never without hers. Following are some photos of my two daughters and my nephew. My youngest is only in a few, she's a little camera shy.



Some how, my sister and brother in-law escaped having their picture taken. I'll have to remedy that nest time. Perhaps when we go to the pumpkin patch. Of course, I'll remember to bring my camera.

Blessings to all, Viv

Friday, September 13, 2013

A Wickedly Bewitching Friday the 13th

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Along with 3, 5, and 9, the number 13 is one of my favorite numbers. Notice they are all odd numbers. My thermostat is always set on an odd number. It drives me crazy if I accidently set it on an even number. I know other people who love even numbers but loath odd numbers. I'm sure there are some who couldn't care less about numbers. Everyone has their quirks.

There are many people who fear the number 13, most especially when Friday the 13th rolls around. Not me! Today is like a holiday for me. I look forward to the Friday the 13th like a child does for their Birthday or Christmas.  To me, this day is a lucky one. It is a day to celebrate the odd and macabre. The quirky and the wicked.

There are many reasons that Friday the 13th is considered unlucky. Most have to do with the Bible and the Last Supper. I have also heard that it is connected to the Knights Templar. I think it has been ingrained in Western culture like black cats, ladders and broken mirrors. The more it is taught the more it is believed. Hollywood and their films don't help either. Whatever  the reason, fear of the number 13 is very real to some people. I understand and respect that. I am absolutely terrified of spiders, so I know where they are coming from.

Do you celebrate Friday the 13th as a fun and peculiar holiday? Or are you one who fears and shuns this unluckiest of days to some? What odd things do you fear or dislike?

Have a Wickedly Bewitching Friday the 13th, Viv

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Cover Reveal For Elle J Rossi's Alabaster Nights & Giveaway


Elle J Rossi is a very talented up and coming author of Paranormal Romance. Today we are celebrating her cover reveal for her soon to be released addition to the world of Josie Hawk.

A Vampire with a soul. A Huntress with a knife. In Nashville, Blood equals Power. Will one taste of Josie Hawk cost Keller everything?

Coming December 2013

Discover the world of Josie Hawk in Crimson Beat, a novella within the A Celtic Tapestry  anthology.

Click here for book.

In celebration of the cover reveal, Elle is offering a free e-book of A Celtic Tapestry to one lucky reader. This anthology is full of enchanting stories. A must read and an excellent addition to your library. All you have to do to win this e-book is to leave a comment on this post. To make it interesting and fun, we would love if you would leave your favorite quote from a vampire book or movie. Better yet, write a short poem or a description of your dream vampire. One winner will be picked at random.

Have fun and good luck to all.

With Vampire Blessings, Viv

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Embracing the Unexpected

I started out the day wanting to catch up with everyone in Blogland . I have fallen a bit behind due to seasonal allergies and my daughter having strep throat. It never fails that as soon as school starts she becomes sick with some kind of virus going around. Now that the weather is cooler, and my allergies under control, I am back in blogging mode.

The reason it is now half way through the day and I am just now getting around to blogging is because of my boyfriend. Kelvin is a railroader and he just got in this morning. He called me wanting to know if I wanted to go to Okie Pinokie for a walk. Seeing as how our time together is precious  due to our work schedules, I jumped at the chance to go.

Okie Pinokie is a local wooded area with many trails. It lies next to a river and was once Native American ground. (It still is in my opinion.) Legend has it that the land is haunted. There are a few web sites dedicated to it. I have been going there for many years, including at night. Not once have I felt threatened or scared. For me it is a place to go hiking. Walking the many trails is great exercise and the scenery is enchanting.

I love how the sun filters through the trees in these two pictures.

The fog hovering over the river in the first photo was better seen in person. The crane in the bottom photo was unexpected. I turned around to say something to Kelvin and I spotted him. He took off after I took his picture. Thanks for posing for me Mr. Crane.

The two of us taking turns sitting in a make-shift corral for the trail riders and enjoying an after walk drink. Which is why we need to take these walks.

I am very happy that my day took an unexpected turn. I might be behind in what I wanted to accomplish today, but boy did I have fun. Thanks babe, for getting me out of the house.

Now that I have dinner started (green beans, potatoes and sausage, my daughters favorite) and my blog post written, I will be sure to visit your blogs throughout the rest of the day.

May you day be filled with unexpected blessings, Viv

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Faery Dance

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The Faery Dance
Sparkling lights, twinkling lights
Around they come again
Dancing in circles, in spiral circles
The faery Dance of yore...
They come, they go
They circle about,
They call your name to them...
"Come dance with us,
Come play with us...
Under the midnight moon!"
*Vivienne Moss*

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Oh my....Bruno Mars

What can I say about Bruno Mars besides...WOW!. My wonderful little sister took me to his concert last night. What a blast we had! I love the big band style music with a Latin flare. My feet are tired from dancing,  my voice is just a little hoarse from singing along and I'm pretty sure I said "Huh" a few times today. I don't think I'll hear right for a few days, it was so loud. Oh, and the lights and the special effects, so thrilling to watch! I could use a few more nights like last night. It feels so good to just let loose and leave all the worries of life behind for a few hours.

Thank you sis for the great night! I love you!

Mia and the concert
The one below is a cool pic Mia did for my Facebook profile pic.


I can't wait for my next concert. I'm not sure who I am going to see, but I am going to another one...soon!

What concert have you been to lately? Are there any upcoming concerts that you are anticipating going to?

Rock on!!! 

Friday, August 16, 2013


photo by Vivienne Moss

I love the feel of connectedness I feel while surround by the beauty of Nature. Time seems to slow down, the voices on the wind calling you to join the Dance of Nature. The scent of moist earth fills the air with memories of past lives. Lives that we live when we were in tune with the cycles and rhythms of Mama Earth. Feeling the Breath of Life seep through every tree, stone and plant brings to mind the sacredness of all things.  The reflection of light dancing on water  looks like tiny little faeries playing in the afternoon sunshine. Even the dead trees seem to be filled with a life of their own. They have many stories to tell. Grandparents to us all, they can share the knowledge of times gone by.

 When I leave surroundings like this one, I try to bring a little of that feeling back with me. I can feel the connectedness around my house and around town but it's not as strong. It is there though, that Scared feeling that we all belong....  We just have to learn to see with our hearts...

Blessings, Viv

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Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Path of Destiny

photo by Vivienne Moss

The paths we choose to take in life may not always be the easiest but most are the ones we are destined to take. We learn and grow from the mistakes we make and rejoice in those moments that everything falls into place. There are many things I could have done differently in my life but I have no regrets. To regret would mean to not like who I am now and I love who I have turned out to be. If it wasn't for the paths I chose to take I wouldn't have my daughters or the friends that are in my life.

My life has been truly blessed. I have family, friends, a great lover and most of all....Life. I wake every morning with a smile and a prayer of thankfulness. There are so many out there or have lost so much or who have had very little to begin with. The homeless, people in war zones (I could not imagine raising a child in a war zone,  the many who are out of work and struggling to feed their families.

When I am feeling down and wondering if I have made the right choices in life, I just close my eyes and think of all the wonderful and blissful moments that I have been blessed to experience.

I want to thank all my blogger friends who have wished me well and who have come back to visit my blog. I am very thankful for all of you.

May the paths you walk lead you to an enchanted life.

Blessings, Viv

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Memento Mori

photo by Vivienne Moss

There is something about old grave yards that I just love. To read the names on the stones and the dates in which they lived and died makes me want to sit down and listen to the stories they have to tell. The death current is all around us. It's what makes us enjoy the moments we have on this plane of existence. We never know when it will be time for us to leave this world and join the Lands of the Dead. That is why I feel that we should on good terms with Mama and Papa Death and the spirits who aid them. Honoring our ancestors and living for the moment are just a couple of ways to gain favor from the Realm of the Dead.

While looking through Amazon for some new books to read, I stumbled upon what I think is a winner. Memento Mori edited by Kim Huggens. I have only read the introduction and I am in love with the book already. The book is an anthology on death and the Spirits connected with it
From the introduction: "Although the title of these anthologies is Memento Mori (Remember, you shall die), more rightly it should be subtitled 'Carpe Diem' (Seize the Day) for this is the effect that the awareness and engagement with the process of death and dying elicits in our modern pagan and occult thinkers."

"Whilst we cannot cheat death, in some way we can live so that we can laugh in its face."

I will give a full review of this delightful little e-book when I am done reading it. Until then, have a Blessed day and remember to enjoy the blissful moments in life.

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Monday, August 12, 2013

I'm Back

After a long hiatus I am now back on blogger. Major computer problems and life's up and down moments have kept me away. I now have a new computer and life is looking up! I hope I can reconnect with all my blogger friends out there. I will be checking in on your blogs for the next few days to do some catching up.

I have added a new blog that will showcase my poetry. Life Enchanted can be located under the headed on this blog. The first poem, Aphrodite's Gift, is dedicated to my very own "Lumberjack". Please feel free to critique my poems. I am wanting to publish a book and would love input and comments on them.

Bright Blessings to all. I have missed you!!!!