Monday, September 12, 2011

A Walk In Nature and Crafts With My Girls

In the little town I live in, they have turned the old railroad tracks into a walk and bike trail. They plan to have these trails connecting to nearby towns. They make for a very scenic walk. I can't wait till the leaves change colors, it will be enchanting.

The river that the path runs along.

Just some trees that I liked.

Now for the crafts. Just a couple of things that I did with my girls. We also made Jello cookies.(they're Christmas cookies but we were bored and had all the ingredients.) They barely made it a day.

For the lamp I just glued owl cut-outs that I bought from Dollar General. I have had the crows for a while and have seen this idea in magazines and most recently on a blog. I can't for the life of me remember which blog, so if you know, please let me know so I can give them credit. My living room is done in a nature theme for my husband (he's a hunter), so these crafts fit right in. I love doing crafts and baking with my girls. Before I know, they will be all grown up.


  1. Beautiful!! I love your enchanting woods...your photos have captured my heart..I can just imagine when the leaves turn..hope you share more pics! Gorgeous!
    and love love your crafts..I have a love for all I love your charming crows..magical! And sounds like such a special time with the kiddies!Very cool!
    Have a sparkling evening..

  2. Fantastic decoration! Especially love the owls!

  3. That walkway is beautiful now, so I can only imagine how breathtaking it will be in the fall. I saw those owls at Dollar Tree when I was looking for crows! They didn't look all that exciting in the package, but I really like what you've done with them! I'm thinking I should go back and get a few of those. Are your crows paper cut outs as well?

  4. wow I love that owl lamp! That is something I totally need to get. You should have a seperate page for how to make cool crafts like that. :)

  5. Beautiful pictures of the woods! Australia has it's own majestic beauty, but in truth, I've always been drawn to the woodlands of the Northern Hemisphere.

    Great crafts! I had to a laugh when you said the cookies barely made it a day. With a boy, you'd be lucky if the cookies lasted 5 minutes! I virtually have to greet my son with a whip and a chair when he gets home from school because he is so ravenous! Haha!

  6. I love the path, where you walked! Please take some pictures, if you can, when the leaves change color! It will be amazing! And, I love your crafts you did with your kids! Fantastic! I have to try the crow tree ;o) Have a great day!

  7. @Kiki aka Victoria: I will be sure to share pics when the leaves chang. I have a special love for blackbirds as well, and as you can tell, owls too. Bright Blessings.

    @Sal Kaye: Thank you. I love how the owls eyes light up.

    @Justine's Halloween: The path is very beautiful and peaceful. The amasing part is it is right in town so I don't have to drive far to get there. I think you should get the owls too, they spice up an old lamp beautifully.

  8. @ The Haunted Rose: Thank you. I thought doing a seperate page. Maybe when my girls are done with their sports for the year. Very busy.

    @Little Gothic Horrors: The woods are very beautiful and otherworldy on a foggy day. I would love to see the beauty of Australia someday.

    My girls finished off the cookies after school today. I know what you mean about having to fend them off.

    @ Magic Love Crow: I can't wait till the leaves change. I will be taking pictures like crazy.

    The crow tree was fun. It only hurt a little when the glue gun got my finger.

  9. What a gorgeous walkway!

    I love those owls on your lamp!

    I wandered over from Justine's Halloween :)


  10. I'll bet that's an especially beautiful walk in the fall. (Hope to see pics!)

  11. Beautiful photos, and wonderful crafts...lovely post~~~

  12. @ LuLu: Thanks for wandering by. Hope to see you again.

    @Eric 'Bubba' Alder: It is and you will.

    @Jan: Thank you for the compliment and for stopping by.

  13. Justines Halloween, I forgot to answer your question about the crows. They are made from cardstock, a little thicker than the owls. I would love to find them in paper so I can make a crow lamp.

  14. Gorgeous photos!
    And that lamp is lovely

  15. Hi Claire

    Thank you for stopping by. Hope to see more of you here.