Monday, September 19, 2011

The Dark Queen of Faery

Queen of the Bad Faeries
Brian Froud
good faeries/bad faeries

Behold the chariot of the Fairy Queen!
Celestial coursers paw the unyielding air;
Their filmy pennons at her word they furl,
And stop obedient to the reins of light;
These the Queen of Spells drew in;
She spread a charm around the spot,
 And, leaning graceful from the ethereal car,
 Long did she gaze, and silently,
 Upon the slumbering maid.

  from Queen Mab by Percy Blythe Shelley

The Dark Queen of Faery is known by many names. Nicnivin, Morganna and Mab are just a few. As Queen of the 'Bad' Faeries she is known as a trickster and shape shifter. She is the Queen of  Transformation, testing you to see if you are ready to live your truth. She is the Banshee, the Washer at the Ford, forewarning you of certain doom. She is a psychopomp, leading the dead to the Shadow Lands. The Dark Queen of Faery is Queen of Witchery, brewing the potion of Life and Death,casting glamours across the land. She leads you astray when you are not paying attention, reminding us to live in the real world from time to time.

The Dark Queen of Faery may be an ominous figure, but she is needed to balance out the light side of life. She is shrouded in mystery and comes in ghostly fashion when She is ready to reveal Herself to you. Be ready for The Dark Queen of Faery, for Her time to reign supreme is drawing near with the dark seasons upon us.


  1. Hi V! Fabulous spotlight on the dark queen...beautiful..gorgeous prose and images! Love that deck!Powerful post..
    Shine on

  2. Thanks Victoria. I have the deck as well. One of my faves.

    Bright Blessings

  3. I always call her queen mab becuase i got it out of a book i read along time ago but i can't recall the title. oh dang.

  4. This is a wonderful dark faery tribute! I love Brian Froud's work. Do you know if he's put out any new books lately? That illustration is just beautiful.

  5. Fantastic! I love this post! Very strong and powerful! Wicked picture!

  6. Fantastic and amazing Fae info. And I love the artist I have a book somewhere with his work!

  7. Hi Lulu, it is one of my faves from Brian Froud. Of course, I have many faves.

  8. Hi The Haunted Rose

    Shakespeare wrote of Her. That might be where you have seen Queen Mab.

  9. Hi Justine

    How To See Faeries by John Matthews and Brian Froud is the newest. I don't have this one yet but Amazon has some great revies including a video review. I'm goona pop over and watch it today.

  10. Hi Magic Love Crow

    Always a pleasure to see you here. Thank you. Your new art is fab.

  11. Hi Magical Seasons

    Thanks for stopping by, glad you like the info. I have 5 of his books and two oracle decks, I'm a huge fan of his art.