Saturday, September 3, 2011

Hot, Hot, Hot

It is hot, very hot. I feel like I can't function in this heat.
So I am stuck in side today, waiting for the storms to come,
waiting for the winds of change to swoop in and cool this
hellish day off. I long for the  Autumn winds, the cool, crisp nights.
I feel more alive, more in touch with nature and the world
when I feel the the breath of darkness upon me.
I will await the approaching storms like
a child waiting for birthday gifts.
Come storms.
I welcome thee.

photo by: Vivienne Moss


  1. I wish I could send you some of our weather today! Suddenly overnight it became Autumn in Wisconsin. The wind got very crisp, and I was surprised to need a jacket today.

  2. I love the sun, I feel as though it re charges me. I am going home to Malta tomorrow, have been in England for weeks visiting family, it has been so dull and cold can't wait to go home to warm my bones,though I do love a good storm, I think they are otherworldly!

  3. We're are just coming into Springtime, in Australia. We've got scorching heat ahead of us!

  4. Hi Justine, Thanks for sending your weather my way. i woke up to a very cool Monday morning here in Indiana.

    Hello Lisa, There are times that I need a little sun, I could just do without the heat. I would love to visit Malta some day. it looks like a beautiful place to live. Safe travels.

    Hi Little Gothic Horrors, I love the beauty of Spring, I just hate the Summer. I tend to forget that the seasons are opposite on the otherside of the world.

  5. Hi, you would love Malta.
    I love your blog so I am passing on two awards to you, the versatile blogger award and the irresistibily sweet blog award, check out my blog post for the details, congratulations!