Friday, September 9, 2011

Monster Movie Madness

Over the past few days there has been nothing to watch on TV so my girls and I have been watching some horror classics. They mostly get a kick out of these, thinking they are funny and the special effects not so special. Here is a list of what we have watched this week.

Nosferatu 1922
 #1 on our list was Nosferatu. Though this is one of my faves the girls couldn't get through it. They liked that it was a scilent but grew bored with it. Much to their relief , I stopped it about half way through and told them I'd finish it another night.

The Little Shop of Horrors 1960

#2 on the list was The Little Shop of Horrors. My youngest thought it looked to scary to watch so she went to her room to draw. My oldest thought the movie was funny but creepy at the end. She gave it a thumbs up and would like to watch it again.

Attack of the Giant Leeches 1959
 #3 on the list was Attack of the Giant Leeches. Both of my girls loved this one. They got a big kick out of the music and the noise that the 'leech' made. I had fun making fun of the movie with them.

The Screaming Skull 1958

#4 and last on our list was The Screaming Skull. Again, my youngest thought it looked too scary so off to her room she went. My oldest and I enjoyed this one. It started out being a little spooky and kept the intrigue going throughout. My daughter started cracking up over some of the special effects.

I had a wonderfully spooktacular time with my two girls watching these old horror classics. This is sure to become a weekly event for us.


  1. Sounds like you & your girls had an awesome time! I need to checkout Attack of the Giant Leeches & The Screaming Skull.

  2. Hi Real Queen of Horror,

    We did and you should. I got the collection of 50 classic horror movies at walmart for 10 bucks. I couldn't turn that down for some spooky(and a little funny) time with my girls.

  3. I really need to check out the Attack of the Giant Leeches, looks awesome in a totally bad way

  4. Hi Halloween666,

    It is just that awesome in a bad way. You'll like Lizzy Baby, she had me laughing so hard.

  5. Hi Vivienne! thanks for visiting my blog!Your post! is amazing, nothing better then the black and white movies!

  6. Those old movies remind me of when I was little and my friends would spend the night. We would stay up late and watch the old black and white horror classics.

  7. Hi goddessandmagick, I love your blog as well. My girls love black and white movies. I started them out on Betty Boop.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  8. Hi Adsila,

    I remember watching these as a kid as well. My sisiters and I would scare the crap out of eachother.

    Love your artwork!!

  9. How fun! Those movies sound like just the right amount of scary for kids. How old are your girls? I don't think I've seen The Screaming Skull, but I have seen the other ones. I love that giant leech costume! :)

  10. Hi Justine,

    My oldest wil be 12 this month, Sept 23.
    My youngest will be 8 on Oct 28.

    I love that their birthdays are in the Fall.

  11. You know, some of those old movies, were the best! I watch a lot of them with my mom and sometimes, I am more scared of those movies, then the ones from today! LOL! I have never seen, Attack of the Giant Leeches or The Screaming Skull. I will have to look into those ones! My mom loves Rosemary's Baby!! I think it would to be too much for your kids. They are still young. Have a great day!

  12. Hi Magic Love Crow,

    I think you can watch leeches for free on-line somewhere. My oldest would watch Rosemary's Baby, though she would have a hard time sleeping after that. They both still come in and sleep with me when they have a bad dream.

    Hope you have a great day!

  13. What a great bonding experience! When I first showed my son "The Addams Family" television series, from the 1960s, I wasn't expecting him to be interested at all... but he LOVES it, like I do!

  14. Hi Little Gothic Horrors,

    We love The Addams family as well. Yes, it is a great bonding experiance. I'm happy your son has the same taste in shows as yoy do.

  15. I need to find this ten dollar box of old horror movies. I've been in such a mood for classic B horror flicks recently. And at $10 how can you go wrong?

  16. Hi Cullan Hudson,

    50 movies for $10 is an awesome buy. It will take me a while to get through them all.