Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Lonely House

Percy Bysshe Shelley

Flourishing vine, whose kindling clusters glow
Beneath the autumnal sun, none taste of thee;
For thou dost shroud a ruin, and below
The rotting bones of dead antiquity.

This lovely old house is right down the road from where I live.
I would love to make her my home one day. I think she's grand.


  1. This house is exactly what I have always wanted to live in. I love the large porch.

  2. Adsila,

    I love the large porch as well. Mine is very small. I could see some Amish made rocking chairs on that porch.

  3. This is the perfect house for me also, Vivieene. I agree with Adsila, the porch is what makes this house, a "home" :) The Amish rocking chairs would be a nice touch. I would love to see white wicker furniture, with plush cushions and green plants. The vines would stay just as they are...I love them!!!
    You are right about our postings having a similar feeling wonderful!!!

  4. Hi Jan,

    Wicker funiture would be perfect. I agree with you on the vines, I love them and the house wouldn't be the same without them.

    I thought the same thing when I saw your wonderful!!!

  5. That porch is perfect, and I'd love to watch Insidious in that house. During a thunderstorm. With popcorn.

  6. Hi Sean Thomas Fisher

    Popcorn is the most important thing, the movie and thunderstorm right behind that.

  7. I hear tell that the vines grew right into Edward Gorey's house.

    The blackberry plant on the side of my house is taking over. On the plus side, I start each morning with purple fingers.

  8. Wow....I LoVe that house too..the ivy growing up the side is divine! What an enchanting place..and thankyou for this gorgeous opened up a perfect bright spot of magic into my day! I love Percy!
    I hope you get to make that house yours one day...I live in an old vintage house..and fixing it up slowly has been a dream these past few years!
    Bright blessings of Autumn kindred!

  9. Hi Mantan Calaveras

    I would welcome vine growing in my house. I think it would be cool.

    Nothing wrong with purple fingers.

  10. Hi Victoria

    I would love to fix the house up, it would be a dream come true. I just hope it isn't torn down before something can be done with it. It must be magical living in a vintage house.

    I was reading Percy last night and stumbled upon The Vine-Shroud and it made me think of this house.

  11. Make it your own - that's what Robert Frost did with a little house he liked in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

  12. Hi Eric 'Bubba' Alder

    I wish I could.

  13. Gorgeous house! Love the porch and the style of it! I love the poem too!

  14. Hi Magic Love Crow

    Thank you. The porch seems to be a winner.

  15. I love how the vines traveling down the house make it look older.

  16. Wow. You are so lucky in the states with such cool houses around, they seem to be getting smaller and smaller in England and in Malta everyone lives in apartments as it is such a small island, though mine is only in a block of four so I am lucky, plus we have an open sea veiw; would swap it for this house though. I hope she is yours one day.

  17. @ The Haunted Rose: I like how it looks old as well.

    @Little Gothic Horrors: They are both very charming.

    @Lisa Fee: The house would look beautiful sitting on a cliff overlooking the sea. I sometimes think things are a little too big here in the states.