Friday, September 23, 2011

Minions of Misery

Holy Moly Crapenoly!! That's what I said when I saw that Mantan Calaveras at VoodooGhoul made me one of the chosen ones for Minions of Misery. I have two children and they always say stuff like this, I guess they're rubbing off on me.  To be a Minion of Misery there are a few things you must do.

1. Choose a dark book
2. Choose a dark film
3. Reveal a dark secret about yourself
4. Pass it on to 3 of the darkly inclined

The Dark Book

I am reading this book right now. It is a collection of stories and poems edited by W.B. Yeats in 1888. It features stories from Thomas Crofton Croker, William Allingham, William Careton and Lady Jane Wilde. So far I have read some very interesting tales. Teig O'Cane and the Corpse is a story of a young lad who had to carry a corpse on his back until he could find a graveyard that would him to bury it there. The corpse comes alive to give him directions to different graveyards hoping to find his final resting place. The Soul Cages by T.Crofton Croker. A tale of a Merrow ( a being like a mermaid only hideous looking) who keeps the souls of drowned sailors in a cage and the man who wishes to free them. There are many tales of ghosts and goblins in this delightfully dark book.

The Dark Film

As you can tell, I like tales of Dark Faeries. And that is exactly what Pan is. In this gothic fairy tale a young girl named Ofelia has a hard time with the life she must live with her evil step-father. I love the rich detail that Guillermo del Toro poured into this beautiful film. I don't know whether to be afraid of Pan or madly in love with him. The ending left me both happy and sad. I love when that happens because I'm not sure which one I'm crying about.

The Dark Secret

This is a hard one. It took me awhile to think of a, dark or not. My life is pretty much an open book. I guess I'll share a little of my dark side.

I have been told on two occasions that my eyes turn red when I become very angry. The first time is when i was in High School. I was down in the woods enjoying a lovely ride on my horse Prince. All of a sudden I heard my mom and a male voice arguing. i raced Prince up the hill to see what was going on. My uncle was yelling at my mom, accusing my grandpa of sleeping with his girlfriend. I kinda got a  chuckle out of that. Until... my uncle took a step toward my mom like he was going to strike her. I don't know how I moved so fast, but within seconds I was off my horse handing the reigns to my mom and grabbing the pitchfork that was leaning against the barn. I pointed it at my uncle, yelling at him to get his skinny ass off our property. I chased him all the way to his truck, pitchfork pointed at his back. Several months later, when he dared to come back, he told me that I had scared the shit out of him. He said my eyes were as red as the devil. He never messed with my mom or grandpa again.

The second time it happened was when I was in my early twenties. I had some friends over to my apartment and one of them had invited a man I didn't know. We were sitting around drinking beer and listening to music. Said man started getting irate about the music I was playing (Thrill Kill Kult), he didn't like it. I told him I was sorry but I didn't have the music he wanted. He must have been on something because he got up in my face and was yelling at me. So I reached beneath the couch and pulled out my ax (I know, me and weapons). I held it up and told my friend to get him out of my apartment before I hurt him. Thankfully they left, so I didn't have to use my trusty ax. Again, I was told that my eyes had turned red.

So there you have it, don't mess with the small quiet ones. We'll  find a weapon and kill your ass.

And now for the chosen three:

Zena the The Real Queen of Horror

Kieth at Laughing Scared

Scared at Scary True

If you have already been chosen, let me know so I can choose another Minion.


  1. Welcome to the Crypt... Dr. Theda here.. I am glad you have joined us ( We always need "joining" for we keep falling apart...LoL...)
    I just grab my 90+ year old Scythe of the "hay Hook" and am quite good at flinging a blade across the room ( or any other object that I pick up) Have a Good Day and Congrats.. on the "Minions of Misery" Award
    the doctor

  2. Ah... the ranks of the Minions are swelling!

    You go, girl!!! It's good to be strong and stand up to the bullies in this world! Having your eyes turn red is a very cool little quirk you've got there. I'm quite envious.

    "Pan's Labyrinth" is an astonishing film, isn't it?!!

  3. Well done! Glad you passed on the mantle.

  4. Wow! I came over here from Above the Norm and any gal that keeps and ax in her couch is somebody I definitely need to be following!! LOL!

    (Just remind me to try and stay on your good side!)

  5. @Stacey: Thanks for the welcome. There's nothing like a good old scythe. Took the one from my childhood home when I moved away. Good thing were good at flingin weapons in case od a zombie attack.

    @Little Gothic Horrors: I took all the bullying I could in school, I finally started standing up for myself in my Senior year. i wish I could see my own eyes to red.

    @wicKED: Thanks!!!

    @Dreamer: Welcome to my blog. it takes a lot to get me that mad. At least I know I can summon up that anger if needed.

  6. Vivienne, wow!!! You are a wicked little woman ;o) And, I love it! Just wondering where I could hide an ax??? LOL! The film sounds fantastic! Have to watch it and I am going to buy the book! Have a great one!

  7. Hi Magic Love Crow
    It doesn't hurt to be a little wicked, in fact, it's a lot of fun. Hope you find that hiding place. You'll love the movie.

  8. Thank you for sharing Vivienne. Most... edifying.