Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Weather Outside Was Frightful

We had our first snow last night and it turned out to be a storm. The snow was a very wet and heavy snow so there were trees , branches and power lines down everywhere. I was able to get my lights up on my porch but that was it. I didn't want to be caught under one of my trees if it decided to lose some branches.

I found the snow to be quite beautiful if not a bit destructive. There were many accidents and one man in our county was killed while trying to pull a car out of a ditch. Thankfully his four year old daughter was not injured. My heart goes out to the mans family and I hope the little girl is able to heal from her emotional wounds. It is very sad to think that she lost her daddy while he was trying to be a good Samaritan.

Despite the bad weather my girls still had to go outside and attempt to get frost bite. I always marvel at how children love the snow so much. I love the beauty and silence it brings to the land but not the clean-up I have to do afterwards.

They played in the cold snow while I put up the lights. I think it's time I put my poor scarecrows in the shed. I think they look a little sad. We got ten inches of snow in all but it is melting all ready. I was hoping it would stick around for a bit. My girls were loving it so much that we walked to school this morning. They made sure to walk in the deepest parts of snow that they could. Kids will be kids I guess.

Wishing all a safe and happy winter season.


  1. So that is where our nasty weather that hit us went ....left things here wet and much colder....
    I like the pics... We seldom get snow here
    Take care ...your friend...
    ...the Doctor

  2. I'm so sorry about your Good Samaritan dreadful! I will remember to offer up prayers for his young child.

    As for the snow being beautiful but treacherous, it certainly is.

    Love the photos...and love it that your Girls still love to play in it. We can play in it at any age, eh?

    As for your scarecrows, maybe put them in winter wear for the winter and leave them out? That'd be too cute! :)

    Here's to melting snow keep you all safe and sound!!!

    WE get the rain/snow mix tomorrow and I'm not looking forward to it as I have a Doc's appt. to attend...once I get home it can do whatever it wants, lol. Ah well, we must take whatever life offers us and make the best of it, huh?

    Wishing for you a day filled with Beauty and Blessings!

  3. Beautiful winter/snowy pictures. We are getting cold weather here but no snow. It is a rare site if it did snow.

  4. How I love these snowy pictures!
    This time last year we had heavy snow, the worst for thirty years apparently.
    Snow is magical!

    Blessings, Y

  5. No snow here yet.
    Last year, we had snow for 4 months but this November has been amazingly warm (for Germany, that is).


  6. Brrrrrr sayes Queenie in Arizona ;o)
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  7. How is it that you got snow and we didn't? Not that I'm complaining. You know how I feel about that nasty frigid stuff...Unless, I could just sit inside next to the fireplace and drink coffee all day. Then I'd love snow!

  8. I love the pictures Vivienne! I love snow so much ;o) Favorite time of the year ;o) Everything is asleep! So peaceful! I love walking at night in the winter. Silence!
    I am so sorry that the little girl lost her father. He died trying to help another! I hope he didn't suffer!
    Blessings my friend ;o)

  9. Snowy pictures look so pretty, we got our first snow last night, not much though. This is the fun time of year, my one pug Maggie goes outside to do her business and ALWAYS starts to freeze up (within a minute) and just stands in the snow on 3 legs with the fourth one in the air, so we have to hurry up get out there and carry her back into the house. And thats Everytime she goes out in the snow.
    Thats too bad for that good samaritan.
    Stay warm!

  10. Beautiful pictures! I don't blame you for being worried about a tree branch coming down, heavy, wet snow can be so destructive. Thank goddess the little girl wasn't hurt. She's in my prayers. We're supposed to get snow along with thunder and 80 mph winds for the next two days, so I had to bully (lol) my husband into putting the outdoor furniture away before it blew away!

    Blessings, Victoria

  11. Hi Dr. Theda

    Thanks for sending the snow my way. Hope all is well.

    Blessings, Lady Moss

  12. Hi AkasaWolfSong

    Thank you for the prayers for that little girl. I lit a candle for them last night.
    and said some prayers as well.

    That is a wonderful idea for the scarecrows. I think I will do that this weekend. Thanks for the tip.

    I hope you stay safe in your nasty weather and hope all goes well at the Dr.'s.

    Love and Blessings, V.

  13. Hi Adsila

    Thank you. I hope it doesn't get too cold for you.

    Blessings, V.

  14. Hi Ygraine

    Thank you!! We never get this much this early and I have never seen so much heavy snow. This was a rare snowstorm for us. I hope your weather doesn't get too bad this year.

    Blessings, V.

  15. Hi Sal

    I couldn't imagine snow for 4 months staright. Not sure if I would like that. Here's hoping you have a many more warm days.

    Blessings, V.

  16. Hi Queenie

    Hope you are staying warm in Arizona cause it's pretty cold here in Indiana.

    Blessings, V.

  17. Hi Elle

    Maybe it's your dislike of the stuff that kept it at bay. I'm sure you will get plenty though, your state always does. Wish I had a fire place to sit by.

    Love you, V.

  18. Hi Stacy

    Thank you. I love the beauty and silence as well. There is something magical about snow covered trees.

    The father did not suffer. It happened very fast from what I am told. I just hope the girl will be okay.

    Love and Blessings my friend, V.

  19. Hi Mary

    Thank you. That's too funny about you pug Maggie. My girls love pugs. There is one down the road that they love to talk to. hope she stays warm this winter the poor thing. hope you stay warm as well when you go out to "save" her.

    Blessings to you and Warm Thoughts for Maggie, V.

  20. Hi Victoria

    Thank you. That is the only thing i don't like about the snow. I wish everyone could be safe in the winter time. My heart goes out to that little girl and I thank you for your prayers.

    We had thunder with this snowstorm as well. I think that was the first time my girls heard of that. Too funny about you hubby, sometimes men need a little prodding(LOL).

    Stay warm and safe. Blessings and Love, V.