Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Decking The Home With Love & Laughter

My girls and I had a blast decorating for Yule on Thanksgiving night. We bought a new Angel for the very nice rotating tree my mom gave us. We have even started a fun tradition for ourselves. We giggled forever over our new tradition. I'll share what it is later. My daughters think this will be the best Christmas ever because they LOVE the new tree and are excited about celebrating on the Winter Solstice instead of Christmas Day.  This will give them both a chance to visit their dads on Christmas. I have always been flexible with my oldest daughter and let her spend Christmas with her dad if she wants. I don't see any reason to fight over who gets them when have them almost everyday. I like the idea of celebrating on Yule anyway.

Now for some pics.

This is my favorite piece of furniture in my house(well, besides my dragon table). I love this cupboard that I found at a second hand shop.  The small stand-up Santa on top was my grandpas and the paper reindeer were made by my girls.

This is my favorite Santa. I really want his leopard print cloak.

The Yule wreath I won from Kim at The Wiccan Life. This is hanging outside my front door for those who visit to see.

The other Yule Wreath I won from Kim hanging on our tree.

Mr. Pumpkin. I won him from Magikal Seasons. I had to add a little Halloween to Christmas.

Our beautiful tree with the new Angel on top. We love her white feathery wings. She adds a bit of magic to our tree.

Shhh. Do you here that? Whats that sound?


This was our bit of fun and our new tradition. My youngest daughter got this Fur Real Chipmunk for her birthday. While we were decorating the tree we had tvacation playing on the DVD player. Her chipmunk was on the desk and it was like we all looked at it at once and decided to put it in the tree. The squirrel part of the movie is our favorite. Now when the tree turns and they see it they run through the house screaming SQUIRREL!!!.

I still have the outside to decorate. It seems to be raining everday here. It is supposed to turn to snow today so hopefully I will be able to decorate soon.

Hope everyone has as much fun as we did while decorating for Yule.


  1. What a way to start my morning. Love all of the pictures, V, and the stories behind them. Wishing you and the girls a joyous blessed holiday season!

  2. Your home looks so warm and festive! I love that little squirrel perched in the tree. In our house it is usually our 15 pound cat squeezed in among the branches. She is such a brat with the Christmas tree, we hang sleigh bells off the very bottom branches to warn us that she is threatening to haul herself into the tree;)

  3. Vivienne, you have lots of Magic in your tree! Lots of gift!, I still have to put my tree and decorations up. You area busy bee Mama!! looks so festive!!

  4. Vivienne, everything is so beautiful and magical! Oh and I love the squirrel!! So cute and fun! We have decorated a lot in the house as well ;o) I have to take some pictures when I get home ;o) Blessings my friend ;o)

  5. Hi Beth

    Thank you. Wish I could see you this Christmas.

    Love you, V.

  6. Hi Art Bliss

    Thank you! I could just imagine your cat sitting in the tree. Very clever with the bells.

  7. Hi goddessandmagick

    Thanks so much! I love having magic around. It wouldn't be Yule without it.

  8. Hi Stacy

    Thank you. We are enjoying the magic. The girls love sleeping by the tree.

    I hope you are having fun on your trip. Can't wait to see pics of your Christmas decorations.

    Blessings my friend, V.

  9. What a festive home and tree! Looks like You and your Daughters are having so much fun..the squirrel is too funny! :) New traditions are wonderful aren't they? Something so magickal about the whole of Yule/Christmas...brings out the Love and Child in all of us.

    It was great catching a glimpse into your world Dear Vivienne!

    Blessings of Radiant Light to You and Yours!

  10. You have your house looking festive. Your tree is beautiful! Good luck on your outside decorating. I got mine up just in time as the next day, It rained 5 days straight.

  11. Great decorating!! Everything looks cheery and merry! I love that you have your grandpa's Santa! And I am crazy about your squirrel tradition! That is too fun!

  12. There's a lot of Love coming through on this page!

    Love your pics... way , way across the Ocean in my wee Scottish farmhouse , I have the same owls as you have hanging on my living room wall.



  13. Awesome pics, V! Your decorations are lovely and the tree is glorious!!! I am so very happy to see that you are hanging the Yule wreaths. They look great in your home! Thanks for sharing these with us.

    Love & Blessings,


  14. V, everything looks so beautiful! I love your new tradition with the squirrel, that's one of my favorite parts in the movie, too. I hope it quits raining so you can get your outside decorations up. I don't have my outside done yet, either. I love the Yule wreaths; you've inspired me to try to make one of my own.

    Blessings, Victoria

  15. Great, great pictures. I love these glimpses into your life! The decorations are fantastic. And I really like your cupboard. I had a piece of furniture that I bought at a second hand shop because I needed to storage space. I hated the look of it for years. I recently painted it red. It took me about an hour and it is now my favorite piece of furniture and the showpiece of my house! Why did I want to long to spice it up?

  16. Hi AkasaWolfSong

    Thank you. I love the new tradition and hope to make many more with my girls. i also love how the season brings out the kid in us. We all need to let loose and enjoy life as a child would from time to time.

    Blessings and Love my Dear Sister, V.

  17. Hi wicKED

    Thank you!! I was able to get a little out. it rained(poured) most of the day then turned into a winterstorm. I'm not having much luck.

  18. Hi Robin

    Thanks so much. I have my Grandpas smoking pipes as well. They even have his teeth marks in them. The new squirrel tradition is lots of fun. I think we will get many laughs out of it.

    Blessings, V.

  19. Hi Magickafoot

    Thank you dear friend. That is so awesome that we have the same owls. We have a great connection through our owls. When I look at them I will think of you in your Scottish farmhouse.

    Many Blessings to you and yours, V.

  20. Hi Kim

    Thank you. The tree does look beautiful this year. I think it's our best one yet. I am so happy i won the Yule Wreaths. They look so beautiful in my home and bring a lot of magic. Thank you for them.

    Blessings and Love Dear Sister, V.

  21. Hi Victoria

    Thank you!!! That squirrle in the movie gets me everytime. I'm happy you liked the wreaths. Kim did a wonderful job on them. I have thought of making one for my house that I can leave up yers round.

    The rain stopped but it turned into a winter storm. I was able to get a few lights up.

    Blessings and Hugs, V.

  22. Hi Elle

    Thank you!! i want pics of your cupboard. I like the blue of mine but i plan on adding a few details to it. Just ahve to find the time.

    Can't wait to see pics of your tree and decorations.

    Love you, V.

  23. You've made me feel wonderfully festive!
    I adore the wreath. I am making a new staff at the moment, and when it's finished I now feel inspired to attempt a wreath!!

    Blessings, Y

  24. Such wonderful festive holiday cheer!! It is great that you and your girls have a new tradition all your own.
    Enjoy the season.
    Always, Queenie

  25. All of your pictures are lovely , i think its really creative to add that scary scarecrow to the tree lol. Add two hoildays into one , lovely :)

  26. Hi Ygraine

    Thank you. I do hope you share pics of your staff plus info on how you made it. I have a bought staff bought would love to make my own.

    Blessings and Love, V.

  27. Hi Queenie

    Thank you. I hope you enjoy the season as well.

    Blessings, V.

  28. Hi Reina

    Thank you. To me, Halloween never ends. I keep a few pieces up year round.

    Blessings, V.