Friday, November 18, 2011

And The Winners Are....

It is time to announce the winners of my 100 follower give-away!!!

I had my youngest daughter "K" help me out with this. She attempted to write with Dragons Blood ink for the first time. She had a messy good time with it. We put them in my cauldron and stirred them with a magic wand and then she drew the names. She felt very big about doing this!

First up she drew the winner for the Avalon book.

And the winner is...

Victoria from Spells of Infinity  Yay V~  I know you'll love this book!!!

Next she drew the winner for the Gothic Tarot Deck

And the winner is...

Barb from Haunted Design House.  Yay Barb! I hope you enjoy these. I think you will love the artwork!!!

Congrats to Victoria and Barb. Please email me your address at  I wish you all could have won something. Thank you all for following me!!!


  1. Congrats to Victoria and Barb, lucky gals!! and K did a super job writing with the dragon's blood!! Vivienne, a wonderful giveaway!

  2. Congrats to all the winners!


  3. Congradulations to the winners! Enjoy!!!


  4. Congratulations to Victoria and Barb. Lucky girls!


  5. Congrats to the winners. Sounds like your daughter had fun helping out!

  6. Big Congrats to Victoria and Barb!!! :)

    What fun that your Wee Witch helped you out Viv!
    I love it when we employ our children in our fun. :)

    Here's wishing for you and yours a most blessed weekend!

  7. Yay!! Hooray! I am super happy to receive a beautiful gift from such a beautiful soul!
    Massive hugs and blessings for your generous spirit!Yay!!

  8. Yeh, to the lucky winners! I am jealous! LOL! Hugs Vivienne ;o)

  9. Thanks everyone for the congrats to the winners. I wish everyone could have won something. My daughter and I had a lot of fun with the drawing!!

    Blessings to all, V.

  10. I just realized that I've missed a couple of your posts. Congrats to the lucky winners!!

  11. Hi Little Gothic Horros

    That's okay. It's been a little chaotic around here so I've missed a few of my fellow bloggers posts as well.