Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Gates of Life and Death

Death is but a gateway to life;
And I embrace both.

*Vivienne Moss*

The Dark Half of the Year will be upon us soon and I will finally feel alive. While most people love the sun and Summer, I long for the dark, cool days of Autumn and the blustery winds of Winter. I am not very active  when it is steaming hot outside. I pretty much hibernate in the Summer.

With Autumn just a month away the Gates of the Dark Half of the Year will start to open. On All Hallows Eve they will be wide open. The energies of the Underworld will be felt more easily and I will feel more powerful in my magical workings. With the mornings felling much cooler, I feel more at ease, more alive, with each passing day.

May the Darkness of Life bless all who partake in its essence.

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