Thursday, August 25, 2011


No, not the show Charmed (though I love that show), but charm bags. Also called spell bags, they are easy to make and very effective. All you need is a small piece of cloth, some herbs and a stone if you wish. In my case I needed two charm bags, one for each of my daughters. My almost 12 year old is trying out for volleyball and needed a pouch to bring her luck, success and passion. That is why I chose the red cloth with clovers on it. The herbs I used are mint, chamomile and vervain. A red/orange stone for passion and success should work out nicely for this charm bag.

My almost 8 year has a hard time leaving mommy in the mornings. She is very shy and sometimes has a hard time in school. I made her a pouch for love and calmness. I chose a light blue with a little pale green fabric. The look and feel is very calming. For the herbs I used, lavender, rose and vervain. A light grayish blue stone rounds it out nicely.

Keep in mind that what I choose to use might not be what you would use. I let the herbs, stones and colors call to me. They way they feel could change the next time I wish to use them. Use your own intuition when choosing materials to use in any spell work. Nothing is set in stone. At least in my opinion. Others may disagree and that is their right.

To make the charm pouch, just turn the fabric inside out. Sew all but one side. Turn rightside out, stuff with herbs and stone. Sew the final side and your done. While I am sewing and stuffing I "talk" to the charm bag. Telling it the things that I would like to do. You can always write what you would like it to do on a small piece of paper and put it into your bag.

The finished charm pouches! I'll keep you updated on how they are working out.


  1. The charm pouches are very sweet! Your banner photo is absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Thank you LGH. My daughter made the volleyball team so I think the pouch worked. Of course I'm sure her hard work had something to do with it as well.

    There is something about the banner photo that makes me feel like I'm home. I'm happy you like it.