Saturday, January 7, 2012

I Have Had Enough

Stand Up for Yourself Fellow
~Francis Duggan~

Stand up for yourself fellow for if not you,re out of luck
For if you let others use you they will drag you through the muck
And for those who seek advantage of you go treat them with disdain
But from any sort of violence your best bet is refrain.

Stand up for yourself fellow as all soft touches lose out
And every soft touch is well known he's known for miles about
The soft touches come second best on them the ruthless prey
Stand up for yourself fellow and from those exploiters keep away.

Stand up for yourself fellow but to those who treat you fair
You treat those people fairly and share with those who share
But of the sneaky type ruthless type my advice is beware
And you'll meet plenty of those type as they live everywhere.

Stand up for yourself fellow and in life you will succeed
And be fair with those who treat you fair and don't give way to greed
And earn your bread the honest way and practise take and give
For when all is said and all is done 'tis the only way to live.

This poem is for all who have felt they were wronged or taken advantage of. I am tired of being screwed over because I am nice and trusting.  What should have been a few hundred dollars and a couple days worth of work has now turned in to $1500.00 worth of damage and nearly a month without my car. The idiot who was on my car refused to believe what i said was wrong with it. He instead fixed what he thought was wrong and blew my motor. Let's just say he no longer has my car. She is now with someone else waiting for a new(used) motor so I can drive her again. I'm not sure if I am taking the man to small claims court because it would cause a rift and fight among some whom I am close to. I'll just eat the $1500.00 and mark it as a lesson learned. I do need to find a way to make this man "pay" so he can't do this to someone else. It makes me sick to think he is getting away with it and that he thinks he did no wrong. I can't stand people like that. It makes me not want to trust anyone ever again.

Have any of you ever been in this sort of situation? You know, the ones where you know you have been screwed over but to do anything would cause a big uproar. Do you have any suggestions on how to get back at him both magically and mundane?  Should I let it go or fight with a vengeance?

As for my love life. I still haven't found my Lumberjack. Though I have had plenty of married men and one man on the sex offenders list interested in me. Yes guys, I check THE LIST!! How sick can you be to hit on someone with children when your on the list. I think I'll just wait a while before i let any man into my life, even just for a date. There are just way too many sickos out there for me to deal with now.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. I'm sure things will look up for me soon. I just need to get my car back and look forward to this new year and stand up for myself and what I believe in.

Blessings, V.


  1. OMG! That is terrible and I am so sorry to hear this happened to you! I would be lying if I said that I wasn't wronged bo others to the point of wanting to get my revenge! In fact, I would love to be able to tell you that you should "go for it" magickally, but speaking from experience I can tell you that the only thing that did was come back on me HARD and bite me in the ass in the end! At the very least, you could cast a spell on him to bind his "negative energy" and start a new beginning for yourself. I have done these many times over the years and have found that they work great and are "safe" for your karma.

    As for sueng this asshole, I guess that is something a little harder to decide becuause of the person or persons involved? I wish you the best, my friend. I know it is hard, but try to remember that not all of us are untrustworthy.



  2. I don't blame you one bit for checking "the List"! You not only have yourself to worry about, you have your beautiful little girls, too!

    I met my hubby on Yahoo personals. At the time (2002) it seemed weird, but it's not now. I had gotten divorced & out of the Navy around the same time. Then I came home and after a while I got lonely. My daughter was just a toddler and I really couldn't afford to go out anywhere to meet anyone, so I went online.

    I went on a few dates (in fairly busy, well-lit places!) before finding Randy. We'd moved to talking on the phone when my computer crashed and he offered to come over to look at it.

    Of course he showed up early & found me barefoot with my hair up in a knot, chasing around a naked 4 year old to dress her. He said at that moment he knew he was going to marry me. I took longer to convince, but we've been married 5 1/2 years now!

  3. Hi Kim

    Thank you. Beleive me, i think I have sent this man enough negative energy to last a while. just thinking about gets my blood boiling. I too have been bitten in the ass by karmic backlash. I knew it was coming so I was prepared.

    I think i will just take my tiem and calm down a bit before I decide if i want to sue. I have to figure out if it is worth the time and effort.

    Thanks for your advice dear sister, V.

  4. Hi Lisa

    What a wonderful story. I hope mine will turn out that way. I'm not looking for love right now. I don't htink i ever want to get married again or even live with a man again. i just want someone to talk to and maybe go out with from time to tiem. Of course ,like a man. I need other thinhs as well.(LOL)

    Thanks for sharing your story, V.

  5. Oh, man, I hate to hear about your situation. So very sorry you got screwed over by this bum, and to have to live without your car! While I personally don't practice "vengeance" magick, I do believe in offering up to the God and the Goddess, and to the Universe in general, the situation, person and other significant info, in a quiet, deadly serious ritual or meditation. I truly believe that it works, and that the person/persons will receive proper "correction". Maybe I sound like I am tiptoeing around punitive or dark magick, but it works for me! you will find a way, I am sure, that puts your mind and soul at rest and at peace with this situation. And do hold onto to the belief that your Lumberjack is out there; it will happen!!

  6. Hi Robin

    Thank you. For me just sending out a wish that he gets what he deserves is working to ease my mind. I don't want anything "bad" to ahppen, just want him to understand that what he did was wrong and I hope he doesn't do it to anyone else. I have a feeling that he just doesn't care.

    I am certain that Mr. Lumberjack will make his way into my life sometime. It could be years from now,b ut I'm ok with that.

    Blessings, V.

  7. Oh, do I know about what you've been through...and I used up the last of my savings and told them so when they were "fixing" my car. But, I don't believe in vengeance or negative magic....It comes back to you triple times at least and, really, does it make you feel any better? It's ok to have those feelings, but then try to let them go. I'm a firm believe in positive thinking and energy and do try to trust the Goddess when these things happen (and when nothing happens also), but I know that it is hard to do. I did let the anger and the negative feelings go and a family member gave me his extra auto (which my Dad gave them years ago). So it all worked out in the end, and those folks who didn't fix my car, well it's in Her hands. Also, the universe and life is much more complicated and mysterious that we can who knows why these things happen....everything will work out in the end and for the betterment of all.

  8. Hi ArtSings

    Sorry you are going through this too. It sucks when you put your trust in people and they screw you over. I'm not so big on the coming back to you 3 x 3. There are times when we need to take matters into our own hands even if that means sending out negative energy. i have not put a curse on this man, just some bad luck wishes for him. If it comes back on me I will deal with it. I don't believe it will though. Just my way of thinking.

    Thank you for your advice.

    Blessings, V.

  9. Very sorry to hear about this, Vivienne. I have no suggestions on the work done that screwed up your car. It did happen to me, but I could do nothing about it--except to not go there,& spread word about it. Just be careful on the cursing. It might take years before the negative junk is obliterated.

    As for the man thing... sometimes when we are not "looking" the right guy will come along and be under your nose. My suggestion is to perceivre. Be smart and careful, look over your shoulder--in todays world you have to worry about those who are very eager to take advantage of your good nature/gulability. There are some bad people out there.

    Goddess bless you!

  10. Hi Lorelei

    I won't be going there anymore and will be sure to not send anyone there. As for cursing, I'm not doing that, just wishing for him to get what he deserves. If the universe thinks he deserves good things then so be it. People curse everyday and they don't even realize it. It happens with our thoughts and actions. It is a natural response. i guess I'm just not afraid to use those dark energies that are within me to protect myself and others.

    I know the right man will come along, I'm just tired of the creepy ones.

    Goddess Bless, V.

  11. Chin up , Babe. This too shall pass.


  12. I got screwed on a car repair years back (I have not driven in 14 years... He was fixing a bad oil leak.....Got it back and had to put two quarts of oil in it just to get it two miles back up to the shop ... the following morning the owner of the shop took it out for a drive Without Putting in Any Oil... And blew a "fist-sized" hole in the engine and said that it was Not his fault...and told me " Tough Luck"....
    So I am familiar with this type of "Mess"... I wish you the best Lady Moss
    ...the Doctor

  13. Hello My Friend ;o) I am so sorry for what you have been through and what you are still going through! I do believe this person should get something back and I do believe he will! "Karma"! Maybe this happened to you for a reason? A sign, for you to start standing up for yourself!! I know when I meditate with my stones, I surround myself with a bright white light for protection against "nasty" people, maybe you should do this for yourself!
    As for your lumberjack, I am still waiting too ;o) When it's the right time, he will be there for you, smiling ;o) Just make sure you look at the right tree ;o)
    Big Hugs and Many Blessings ;o)

  14. Lumberjack, huh. I keep wondering if what you really could use is a "wood artisan", or a "timber wizard" --meh, semantics! you might say, but there are worlds of difference hiding in the shades of meaning. (Wink, wink, just trying to put a grin on ya,)

  15. There are a lot of "unpleasant" curses that you could have brought upon him....... Oh , by the way the Bar that told everybody that "I cursed it will be loosing its License to sell beer for "underage" drinking... Now I guess they will continue to blame ...the "Town Boogeyman"... Best New Year's wishes to you all and my misery be with you as little as possible in this upcoming Head ahead of us
    Just Keep on "striving" through the "muck" of our lives that tries to drag us down....
    Best wishes to you Lady Moss....the Doctor

  16. Was supposed to say "May misery be with you as little as possible ....."

  17. At the very least, contact your local better business. Maybe you can go on angie's list and tell your story. If he was a nice guy, he wouldn't charge you for his mistake.

  18. Sickos? Yes, there are way too many out there.
    I think that through a huge part of my life I met most of them - or so it feels!
    You deserve so much better, please don't ever forget that.
    I hope you soon find your lumberjack.

    Blessings Y

  19. Hi Magickafoot.

    Thanks. I know it will.

    Blessings, V.

  20. Hi Dr. Theda

    Thank you for the new Years wish. I hope misery stays far, far away. Sorry your car was messed up too.

    That's too funny about the bar. Like it's your fault they sold to the underage. LOL I think they cursed themselves.

    Blessings my friend, Lady Moss

  21. Hi Stacy(MLC)

    Thank you. I do hope Karma gets him. I'll just have to leave it up to Her. I have been a little laxed in protecting myself against unseen forces. It's time i start doing it again. Thanks for that advice.

    I hope we both find the right man for us. One day they will just walk right up and say "Here I am".

    Blessings my dear friend, V.

  22. Hi Keith

    Maybe you are right. I need to expand my search. Do you know of any nice "wood artisans" or "timber wizards" with a little bit of bad boy in them? If so , point them my way! LOL

    Thanks for the grin, V.

  23. Hi FreeDragon

    I have thought of that. I jsut don't want him to turn around and get me for slander. He won't give back the $300 I already paid him. Lesson learned I guess.

    Blessings. V.

  24. Hi Ygraine

    The sickos and married men seem to flock to me. I just had another married man hit on me last night at work. I guess I look like I would be a lot of fun. LOL. I just wait for the right one.

    I am now looking for not just a lumberjack but a "wood artisan" and a "timber wizard". I might have better luck now!

    Blessings, V.

  25. Good for you for staying away from those men -- the married ones are creeps too. I think it all comes back around... karma for sure.

    As far as the "mechanic" goes, I would just put up really bad reviews so that others can heed your warning. Like on one of those websites that offer customer reviews.

    Good luck and hope things turn for the better

  26. Vivienne, I think you're very wise to check the pedophile list. One of my closest friend's daughter was the victim of a man she was dating. (This happened back in the 1970's, before Megan's Law). He had dated her just so he could get to her daughter, who was 10 years old at the time. The statistics on how many pedophiles target women with children is terrifying. Your girls are lucky to have such a caring, smart mother!

    I hope you get your car back really soon, and I also hope that mechanic/thief gets what he deserves even sooner!



  27. I don't know if you have Yelp reviews for your area but I would most certainly add my opinion there with a a ranting review and if they are not listed on Yelp yet, you can always add them. I did this with an OBGYN Dr. who was extremely condescending to me right after I had a miscarriage. She didn't believe I had even been pregnant. Yet, I had miscarried at the hospital (but not the hospital she works out of) I was extremely hurt and angered by her insensitive manner. I felt she never liked me from the time I set foot in the door prior to the miscarriage. So, that is how I carried out my anger. I recently checked on Yelp if she got any other bad or good reviews on there since I added her and three other girls gave her and her office horrible reviews. Ha! Anyone who checks out their docs through Yelp will definitely not want to go to her.

    And yes, to put a little silver lining around that cloud. Sometimes things happen for a reason, and for reasons we will never find out. Maybe, just maybe there is a reason for your car being out of commission for a month. It could be keeping you from being in a bad accident or keeping you out of harms way. That's the way I look at things m'dear. Keep that pretty chin up and reach for the stars in your heart! xo Melissa

  28. Hi BeWitchy

    Thank you. We don't have one of those sites for our town. Maybe I should create one.

    As for the married men; what gives? Do they just think I'm gonna go for that. LOL

    I hope things are looking up for you, V.

  29. Hi Victoria

    The good thing is that he is leaving me alone. He doesn't even come into my palce of work anymore. He was someone i would have never thought of being on the list. I am very happy that i checked anyway. Sorry to hear that your friend was used like that. Very sad and scary.

    I hope I get my car back ssoon too. i don't mind walking but some days are very cold and I get of work at 11pm. A little dark and scary to walk that late at night even though I live only a few walking minutes away.

    Blessings, V.

  30. Hi Meliissa

    I hate it when doctors are rude. I have encounterd a few of them. Sorry you were treated that way. I'm sure this man will get his when the time is right.

    You are right, not having a car right now could be a bleesing. I didn't think to look at it that way. I have lost a few more pounds of my after quitting smoking weight gain. That's a good thing!!!

    Blessings, V.

  31. I'm so sorry you are going thru this Viv!

    I too believe Karma will come back to bite this guy in the butt, big time! You won't have to lift a finger...the Universe is loving and kind but always points in the direction we must go to learn our lessons?

    Writing a review is very good advice!

    As for the Wood Artisan...when you least expect it, you're the star today, lol!

    Sending you lots of great, good energy and more...

    Hang in there Sister Soul!

  32. Hugs my sweet friend! I am sorry this happened to you! It sucks and I hope soon you feel better soon...hugs of comfort and light! Shine are a mganificent spirit and deserve to be treated with deep respect..sending you sparkles of light, magic and blessings to you!
    keep shining..